Book launch: Adoption from Care

19.05.2021 16:00 - English

Tarja Pösö (Tampere University), Marit Skivenes (UiB), June Thoburn (University of East Anglia), Lara Cortes (UiB/CMI), Jill Berrick (University of California - Berkeley), Jesús Palacios (University of Seville), Lene Printzlau Våmartveit (Norwegian Foster Home Association) and Kenneth Burns (University College Cork).

This book

Adoption from Care
explores how children’s rights are practiced and weighed against birth and adoptive parents’ rights and examines how governments and professionals balance rights when it is decided that children cannot return to parental care. The book, edited by
Tarja Pösö,
Marit Skivenes and
June Thoburn.

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From different socio-political and legal contexts in Europe and the United States, it provides an in-depth analysis of concepts of family, contact, the child’s best-interest principle and human rights when children are adopted from care.

At the book launch, the editors and chapter authors will present some of the highlights from the book, and engage in discussions on implications for policy and professional practices.



June Thorburn, Jill Berrick and Tarja Pösö will present highlights from the book.


Jesús Palacious will present a review of the book and Lene Printzlau Våmartveit will present the user perspective.


Panel discussion with Marit Skivenes, Jesús Palacios, Kenneth Burns and Lene Printzlau Våmartveit in conversation with Lara Cortes.

The launch is organized by
Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism in collaboration with
Centre on Law and Social Transformation and
Bergen Global.

Photo credit: Markus Spiske
on Unsplash

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