Upcoming events


GRIP Annual Lecture 2023

31.05.2023 14:00 – 16:00

200 Years of Socialism: Revisiting the Old Dilemmas.

Past events

Water Beings: From Nature Worship to the Environmental Crisis

Welcome to book launch with Veronica Strang.

World and Queer Anthropologies and the Question of Legal Reform

Queer theory, sexuality and gender in the Global South

When Misfortune Becomes Injustice

Welcome to a book talk on “When Misfortune Becomes Injustice: Evolving Human Rights Struggles for Health and Social Equality”.

War in Sudan

Welcome to a seminar on the recent developments and humanitarian situation in Sudan.

The Wagner Group in Africa

How does Russia’s private army operate?

Online self-presentations of migrant women in Norway

Navigating opportunities and risks on Social Networking Sites

Chinese Climate Fiction: Meet Author Chen Qiufan

How do science-fiction authors in China envision our future in the era of climate change?

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