Europas verste flyktningleir: På innsiden av Moria 2015-2022

26.09.2023 16:00 – 17:00Norsk

Velkommen til bokbad for boken “Moria – på innsiden av Europas største flyktningleir, 2015-2022”.

Katrin Glatz Brubakk (NTNU) Marry-Anne Karlsen (UiB) Heidi Mogstad (CMI)

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Bordering practices in Aotearoa/New Zealand: An anthropological study of the covid-19 closure

28.09.2023 14:15 – 15:15

What can COVID-19 tell us about the bordering practices of nation states? How can the pandemic reveal connections, normally hidden, between border dynamics, dominant political orders and national self-understandings? What other kinds of borders might exist?

Fiona McCormack


Korleis skape fred?

05.10.2023 08:30 – 09:30

Velkomen til frukostmøte om fredsprosessane i Colombia og Etiopia.

Lovise Aalen Dag Nylander Leiv Marsteintredet

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Don’t worry, here you can find recordings and summaries from most of our past evens.


Crisis of care in the Nordics

Welcome to a panel discussion on the care crisis in the Nordic context.

Fosen forklart

Statens jakt på fornybar energi skaper ofte konflikt. Vindkraftutbygging på land vil gå utover de som bruker arealene. Hvilke rettigheter har en minoritet i møte med majoritetens behov og hvordan kan de hevde sin rett?

Analysis or paralysis? Monitory mechanisms for child protection services in Ireland

How is the Irish child protection and welfare system monitored?

Sudan archives and Nubiology in times of war

Panel debate on cultural heritage and studies in times of revolution and war in Sudan.

Confucius Among the Muslims

Welcome to a guest lecture on the modern Muslim encounter with China.

Producing the ideal citizen? An anthropological study of Norwegian integration politics

Welcome to a guest lecture on Norwegian integration politics.

Abolishing Legal Sex in Britain: A study in Prefigurative Law Reform

In this seminar, Professor Davina Cooper (KCL) will give a talk on the value of prefiguration as an academic method and the politics of abolishing legal sex in Britain.

Mapping China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Welcome to a guest lecture on the New Silk Road.

Bergen Exchanges on Law and Social Transformation

Welcome to a week of public, multi-disciplinary discussions on law and lawfare.

GRIP Annual Lecture 2023

200 Years of Socialism: Revisiting the Old Dilemmas.

Water Beings: From Nature Worship to the Environmental Crisis

Welcome to book launch with Veronica Strang.

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