Comparing Child Protection Laws: Insights from Constitutional Courts

04.03.2024 14:15 – 15:30English

How do courts safeguard children worldwide?

Conor O’Mahony (University College Cork)

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Researching displacement and humanitarian crises

20.03.2024 12:00 – 13:00

Welcome to a double book launch with Heidi Mogstad and Estella Carpi.

Heidi Mogstad Estella Carpi Antonio De Lauri


Policing the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro: Cosmologies of War

03.04.2024 14:00 – 15:00

Welcome to the book launch of Tomas Salem’s ethnography of the military police in Brazil and its relation to the far-right.

Tomas Salem Lara Côrtes Antonio De Lauri


The History of Palestine Solidarity in Scandinavia and the World

26.04.2024 14:00 – 15:30

What is Palestine solidarity and how did it emerge and develop globally?

Sune Haugbølle Pelle Valentin Olsen

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The Red Sea explained: The Houthis, naval forces, and commercial ships

Who are the Houthis? Why do they target merchant ships? How do naval forces protect the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden?

Ten years of Russia’s war against Ukraine

Welcome to a conference on Ukrainian resilience and European cooperation. What are the ways to bring justice domestically and internationally, and why does it matter? Why is European cooperation so important?

Book launch: The Global Lab

Welcome to a book launch with Adam Fejerskov and his book “The Global Lab: Inequality, Technology, and the Experimental Movement”.

Generational Shift in Indonesia?

All you need to know about the upcoming presidential elections in Indonesia.

The Right to a Personal Identity

How has human rights law developed and interpreted the right to a personal identity?

Women, War and Revolutionary Aftermaths in Northeastern Syria

How do Kurdish forces in Syria try to build a new democratic society in the shadow of war?

Krigens folkerett forklart

Krigens folkerett handler om regler i krig. Hvilke vurderinger må partene gjøre før, under og etter en væpnet konflikt?

Cocaine chaos: Ecuador’s drug war

In just five years, drug cartels have turned Ecuador from one of the safest countries in Latin America to one of the deadliest. How could this happen?

Twice Displaced: Fleeing Syria, Fleeing Sudan

Welcome to a conversation with “double-refugee” Salam Kanhoush.

NEW TIME: Reincarnation of Military Coups in Africa

What is causing the new wave of military coups in Africa?

Hvorfor sloss eritreere i Bergen?

Velkommen til samtale om det eritreiske regimet, diasporaen og flyktningspionasje.

Muslim Migrants in the West: a literary journey with Leila Aboulela

Welcome to a breakfast conversation with the award-winning Sudanese fiction writer, essayist, and playwright, Leila Aboulela.

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