Leveraging AI for anti-corruption: From evidence to impact

06.06.2024 10:00 - 11:30English

AI offers a double-edged sword in anti-corruption efforts, uncovering hidden wrongdoing while potentially enabling new fraud and exacerbating bias. This seminar tackles these challenges, exploring how to harness AI for good in building a more transparent and accountable system.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can uncover irregularities in datasets (eg bids, e-mails), bolster due diligence, and flag suspicious activities for in-depth investigation. It also facilitates accountability and information sharing, empowering women and enhancing the resilience of individuals in vulnerable positions. However, AI can also undermine democratic systems, facilitate the movement of Illicit Financial Flows (IFF), execute complex fraud schemes, and help identify and circumvent vulnerabilities in compliance systems. Furthermore, the risk of bias within algorithms poses a significant threat to gender equality and inclusivity.

This seminar provides a dedicated forum designed to stimulate thoughtful discussions, direct future research on the use of AI in anti-corruption efforts, and influence both policy and practice. The seminar will focus on two main aspects: the evolution of fraud and corruption practices facilitated by AI technology, and the strategies public and private organisations, as well as Civil Society Organisations, can employ to respond effectively.

Giovanni Leoni (Credo AI) will discuss the strategic risks and opportunities that artificial intelligence represents for public and private integrity. Additionally, Fernanda Odilla (University of Bologna) and Carolina Gerli (University of Bologna) will lead discussions on the role of public organisations and civil society in this context.

Guillaume Nicaise (U4/CMI) and Daniel Hausenkamph (U4/CMI) will moderate.

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Bergen Global
Jekteviksbakken 31, Bergen

10:00 - 11:30
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