Women, life, freedom. Activism in Iran

16.11.2022 09:30 - English

Gilda Seddighi (Vestlandsforsking), Marianne Bøe (UiS) and Anne Bang (UiB)

Note: The event will take place in Jekteviksbakken 31.
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Breakfast will be served.

What does it mean to be a women’s activist in Iran?

The death of Masha Amini in the custody of the Iranian morality police sparked national and international protests. In recent years, several protests have called for regime change. This time, they are led by young women with online activism playing an important role.

How can Iranian women influence the conservative Iranian regime? How do Iranian women balance culture, ethnicity and religious tradition with feminism? And what role do Iranians in exile play in the protests?


Gilda Seddighi

is senior researcher in Technology and Society at the Western Norway Research Institute. She has a PhD in Gender and Media Studies with the dissertation “Politicization of grievable lives in Iranian Facebook pages” (2017) from the University of Bergen. Her research interests are in representations of gender, and constructions of identity and opinion in digital media and in processes of digitalization.

Marianne Hafnor Bøe
is professor in the Study of Religions at University of Stavanger. She has conducted fieldwork among women’s rights activists in Iran, and follows the situation in the country closely.

Anne Bang
is professor in history at University of Bergen.

Photo: Artin Bakhan/Unsplash

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