What now, Nigeria?

22.02.2023 08:30 - 09:30English

Oludotun Babayemi (Cloneshouse), Ifeaanu Ajekiigbe (master student at UiB) and Pauline Lemaire (CMI)

Nigerians will elect their new president on 25 February, and the sitting President is not running for re-election. With three major candidates, the outcome of the election is up in the air. Africa’s largest democracy struggles with inflation, high unemployment, and violent internal conflicts.

With new names on the ticket, a new election law, and new electoral tools, could this mean a new start for democracy in Nigeria? How does this play out in the contentious North-South divide? What role do social media play among the country’s large young population?

We have invited Oludotun Babayemi (Cloneshouse), Ifeaanu Ajekiigbe (master student at UiB), along with moderator Pauline Lemaire (CMI) to a conversation about the upcoming election.

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08:30 - 09:30
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Pauline Lemaire
Pauline Lemaire, Chr. Michelsen Institute

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Pauline Lemaire

Pauline Lemaire, Chr. Michelsen Institute

Pauline Lemaire is a doctoral candidate at the department of Comparative politics, UiB and researcher at CMI, investigating how African regimes use and regulate social media. Previously, she worked as a senior analyst focusing on the political and security situation in Nigeria.


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