Venezuela migration crisis: can Peruvian health system sustain it?

11.03.2021 15:00 - English

Pierina Benavente (UiB) and Camila Gianella (UiB) in conversation with Catalina Vallejo (UiB).


In order to adequately respond to health needs, health systems need to be equitable and inclusive of all population groups. This includes refugees and migrants. The ongoing crisis in Venezuela has led to more than 5 million inhabitants leaving the country. More than 3 million of them arrived to Latin American countries like Peru, which has received more than one million Venezuelans over the last four years. For the Peruvian health system to adequately respond to the needs of this migrant population, it must expand coverage though equitable and inclusive policies that, while targeted at meeting the needs of this humanitarian crisis, can expand coverage to include other vulnerable population groups that are also without care.

In this Master’s Week webinar Pierina Benavente will present her thesis, which aimed to identify viable policies for including Venezuelan refugees and migrants into the Peruvian health system. Through the use of a modified Delphi, a consensus-building method that engaged policy experts and key actors in the field of migrant health and health policies in Peru. The results of this study provide insights into policy development and policy processes that frame access for Venezuelans and other migrant and vulnerable populations.

Pierina’s presentation will be followed by a discussion with Camila Gianella.

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Pierina Benavente
has Master’s degree in Global Health at University of Bergen and is currently working as research assistant in the Inncovid.Norge project. Her focus is on migration and health research and on development of inclusive health policies for migrants and refugees. Pierina has also 14 years of experience in the Research Industry.

Camila Gianella
is Doctor in Psychology from the University of Bergen, Norway. She has a Master’s degree in International Health (Charité Institute of Tropical Medicine, University of Berlin) and a degree in Psychology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, where she currently works as Executive Director of CISEPA (Center for Sociological, Economic, Political and Anthropological Research), and as an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology. Gianella is also a Researcher at the Chr. Michelsen Institute, and a Global Fellow at the Center for Law and Social Transformation. Her areas of work include health rights, sexual and reproductive rights, tuberculosis, as well as the impact of legal mobilization.

Catalina Vallejo

is a postdoctoral fellow at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen. She is a Research Leader for the Natural Resources & Climate Lawfare Unit at LawTransform. Catalina is a lawyer from Colombia, holds an LLM, a MA in Peace Studies, and a Ph.D. in Law. In her doctoral dissertation, she studied climate change litigation against governments of the world and the emerging climate jurisprudence.

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