Turkey’s foreign policy and the critical Istanbul election

27.06.2019 16:00 - English

With Hasret Dikici Bilgin (Istanbul Bilgi University), Mustafa Aydin (Kadir Has University), Metin Gurcan (Episteme Turkey), Siri Neset (CMI), Arne Strand (CMI) and Ståle Knudsen (UiB).

This seminar will present new research on

the structures and processes of Turkey’s foreign policy decision-making

. The researchers will



regional aspirations in t

he context of Syria, the Black Sea R

egion, the


and the wider

Middle East considered both from a military and political outlook and evaluate how Turkey`s strategy and tactical moves is shaping and are shaped by other regional powers.

We will conclude with an in-depth discussion of the Istanbul election that takes place only four days ahead of this seminar.

Whatever the outcome, the implication of the election reaches far beyond electing Istanbul’s next mayor.

Overarching questions are: what will the result of the election mean for the future of Turkey; the democratic or autocratic development, the future of the Erdogan presidency and the future of the opposition?



is an

Associate Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of International Relations Science at

Istanbul Bilgi University

. Her research focuses on political institutions (specifically pro-Islamist parties), elections in the Middle East and political elites in Europe. Broad research portfolio on domestic politics in Turkey on issues such as elections and political party positions and policies



(Episteme, Turkey) is a political scientist and former soldier served with the Turkish Special Forces. His research focuses on perceptions about the changing nature of warfare, terrorism, Turkish civil-military relations, military history and Turkish foreign policy.


is a columnist for Al Monitor writing about security related issues

Mustafa Aydin

Professor of International Relations at the Kadir Has University and the President of the International Relations Council of Turkey. His research focuses on international politics, foreign policy analysis, geopolitics, Turkey-Russia relations, security issues related to Central Asia, Caucasus, the Black Sea and the Middle East, as well as Turkish foreign and security policies.




a political psychologist and focuses on rhetoric, perceptions, foreign policy decision-making, identity, and the links between political ideology, power and violence. She has directed

policy oriented

projects on Turkey, Iran and U.S. relations with the Middle East and North Africa, as well as having established and led several dialogue projects.

Arne Strand

is the Deputy Director for the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre at CMI. Strand is a Political Scientist with research focus on aid coordination, forced migration and reintegration, peace-building and security sector reform and humanitarian and development assistance. Strand has been team leader of several evaluations and research


in and on Afghanistan. He has also extensive management experience from NGOs and research institutes.



Head of Department and Professor at the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen. He has done extensive research on the

Turkish Black Sea region, covering issues such as fisheries, knowledge, technology, science, consumption, state policies, poverty and common pool resources.

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