The 2020 US Presidential Election

22.10.2020 09:30 - English

Gunnar Grendstad (UiB) and Hilmar Mjelde (UiB) in conversation with Christina Pletten (Aftenposten).

This conversation addresses the US presidential campaign: Biden leads, but so did Hillary four years ago, and polls have tightened. Is Trump on course for four more years?

Grendstad and Mjelde will, in a conversation with Christina Pletten, discuss the corona crisis, the faltering economy, racial unrest, the Republican party (arguably) becoming a personalistic party, and what it all means for Election Day – or possibly Election Week? With all the voting by mail, will the election turn into another Florida 2000 mess, or worse?

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Hilmar Mjelde has a newly published article discussing how the republican party has become more personalistic under Donald Trump’s leadership.

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(The article is in Norwegian)

Hilmar Mjelde

is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen. He studies the discourse of Scandinavian immigration (historical), American politics, political parties, right wing populism and radicalization.

Gunnar Grendstad

is a professor at the department of comparative politics at the University of Bergen. He is specialized in American politics, judicial behaviour and political behaviour.

Christina Pletten works in Aftenposten as a commentator. She has broad experience on the topic from being a correspondent in the United States.

Photo: Ferdinand Stöhr on Unsplash

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