Southern Support – China´s Changing Relations with the African Union

07.04.2021 10:00 - English

Ilaria Carozza (PRIO), David Monyae (Centre for China-Africa Studies, University of Johannesburg and Nanjing Tech University) and Elling Tjønneland (CMI) in conversation with Aslak Orre (CMI)

The Forum for China-Africa Cooperation has emerged as the main political framework and vehicle for China’s Africa engagement. China’s interaction with the African Union has also deepened over the past few years. What does China do through these platforms? How do they respond to African priorities and how does China balance its bilateral and multilateral engagements?

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Ilaria Carozza
is a Senior Researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). her research interests include Chinese foreign policy, China’s engagement in Africa and Asia, the Belt and Road Initiative, the politics of Southeast Asia, and South-South cooperation.

David Monyae
is Co-Director at the Centre for China-Africa Studies at University of Johannesburg and Nanjing Tech University. H
e holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Witwatersrand

Elling Tjønneland
is a senior researcher at Chr. Michelsen Institute in Bergen focusing on development and development assistance, rising powers and African development and a strong emphasis on South Africa and Southern Africa. He is currently directing a major Norwegian Research Council funded project on Chinese development assistance and the global aid architecture.

Aslak Orre
is a senior researcher at Chr. Michelsen Institute in Bergen whose competence areas include local government, reform, corruption and opposition in Africa. Current research interests include the political economy of oil in Africa, the role of China in Africa including media, public space and press freedom. He has also researched Chinese finance and the debt issue.

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