Seminar series: China’s role in Africa: What now?

11.03.2021 - 11.05.2021 10:00 - English

CMI and the Department of Comparative Politics (UiB) in cooperation with Bergen Global

Over the past 10-15 years China has emerged as a large actor on the African continent – primarily through trade, investment and as provider of development finance, but it is increasingly also playing a more direct political role. How does China respond to Africa’s development challenges? What impact does China have? And how will China influence the global agenda for achieving the sustainable development goals? And how is the Covid-19 pandemic affecting China’s policies and interventions? In a series of seminars CMI and the Department of Comparative Politics will explore different aspects of China’s role as development actor in Africa – and how will this impact on African and global efforts to promote development?

This exciting new seminar series about China’s role in Africa will feature 6 seminars throughout the spring of 2021. For more information about each individual seminar please follow the links provided below.

The seminars are free and open to all. It is possible to attend both physically and digitally.

Please note, that according to the COVID-19 regulations all participants must keep a distance of at least one metre from each other and maintain good hand hygiene. We also need to have an overview of who is present at all times, so for those who attend physically, we will register their names and phone numbers and keep it for 10 days. You can sign up for the event via

this link.

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Bergen Global
Jekteviksbakken 31, Bergen

11.03.2021 - 11.05.2021
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