Rethinking Climate Risk and Science

22.02.2021 12:00 - English

Jakob Grandin (UiB) and Scott Bremer (UiB) introduce this year's Winter School, with Pietro De Perini (University of Padua) and Silke Beck (Leipzig University) .

The Arqus Winter School is a challenge-based approach to educating critically engaged European citizens, and it is being run in parallel at all seven Arqus universities this semester.

The Winter School will analyse different aspects of climate change science and the discourse surrounding the research on this subject.

Read more about the Winter School here.

The first day of the Winter School week, Monday the 24th of February, is devoted to climate risk and the role of science in solving the challenges of tomorrow.

On Monday, co-creator of the Winter School, Jakob Grandin (UiB), will start off by introducing the Winter School before giving an introductory lecture on studying sustainability and citizenship in an uncertain world.

Pietro de Perini will further elaborate on the notion of citizenship and uncertainty along with populist discourse and environmental challenges.

Finally, co-creator of the Winter School, Scott Bremer (UiB), will present an array of transdisciplinary ways of studying climate risk.

Join us on Zoom here.

Overview of Monday lectures:

Framing the winter school: studying sustainability and citizenship in an uncertain world

Jakob Grandin, University of Bergen

European citizenship, environmental challenges and populist discourse in perspective

Pietro De Perini, University of Padua

Transdisciplinary ways of studying climate risks

Scott Bremer, University of Bergen & Silke Beck, Leipzig University

Jakob Grandin
is a PhD researcher at SpaceLab, Department of Geography and the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation and convener of the UiB Collaboratory. His research explores the cooperation of cities to pursue ambitious, deep and rapid climate transformation policies. Before joining the University of Bergen he was attached to Uppsala University

Scott Bremer
is a research associate at NORCE Climate, and co-leads the Arqus Alliance Winter School along with Jakob Grandin at the Center for Climate and energy Transformation at the University of Bergen.

Pietro De Perini is a researcher at University of Padova on the Faculty of Political Science, Law and International Studies. His PhD thesis explored the meaning of Euromediterrenian intercultural dialogue for Europe. His focus of research is
human rights, multi-level governance and EU foreign policy.

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