Repeal Abortion Crime: a New Path in the Fight for Legal Abortion in Colombia

03.02.2021 16:00 - English

Ana Cristina González Vélez (UPB), Catalina Martínez (Latin America and the Caribbean at the Center for Reproductive Rights), Mariana Ardila (Women’s Link Worldwide), Ana María Méndez Jaramillo (Universidad de Los Andes ) and Siri Gloppen (UiB).

This webinar will address the recent legal mobilisation in Colombia around the elimination of abortion from the Colombian criminal code. This mobilization has been led by “Movimento Causa Justa” who filed a claim at the Constitutional Court, which a month later was accepted for judgement by the full court.

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The event is divided into three main parts: during the first one, Ana Cristina González Vélez will address the context and the general idea of the case; in the second one, three of the lawyers who are part of the strategic litigation, Catalina Martínez, Mariana Ardila, and Ana María Méndez Jaramillo, will present the main arguments; and, last, Siri Gloppen will comment.

Ana Cristina González Vélez
is a Medical Doctor from UPB and holds a master degree in social research in health from CEDES, Argentina and a PhD in bioethics, applied ethics and collective health from Fiocruz Foundation in Brazil. A renowned researcher, activist, teacher and international expert in the field of health and sexual and reproductive rights, the right to health, and gender equality.

Catalina Martínez
is a Colombian feminist and the Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Mariana Ardila
is a senior legal strategist, litigator and women’s rights activist with 12 years of experience. She holds a law degree from the Externado University (Colombia) and a Master’s Degree in International Law from New York University (USA). She is a Managing Attorney at Women’s Link Worldwide, where she co-lead the work on reproductive rights and transitional justice in Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe. She is also a law professor at Externado University.

Ana María Méndez Jaramillo
holds a law degree from Universidad de Los Andes and is a Doctor in Law candidate at the same University.

Siri Gloppen

is the Director of LawTransform (the CMI-UiB Centre of Law and Social Transformation) and Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen.

Photo credit: gaelx on flickr

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