Promoting justice during conflict

20.11.2019 09:30 - English

Presentation by Espen Stokke (UiB) and conversation with Anna Gopsill (University of London)

How do diasporas promote transitional justice during conflict?

Transitional justice is most often treated as a concept that ‘deals with the past’ and consequently focus on retrospective institutional attempts at dealing with injustices. Less attention has therefore been afforded to the study of how demands and claims of justice are pursued during conflict – especially under circumstances where there are ostensibly no visible transition occurring and mechanisms of justice seem remote. The Syrian conflict has seen the rise of diaspora activism concerned with various forms of transitional justice, ranging from detailed roadmaps for a political transition to open hearings abroad for victims to speak freely about their experiences.

The presentation seeks to shed light on the various ways diasporas mobilize for transitional justice during conflict and discuss the possibilities and limitations of such activism. Espen Stokke’s presentation will be followed by a discussion with Anna Gopsill.

Espen Stokke
is a PhD candidate in Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen conducting research on diasporas, political mobilization and transitional justice.

Anna Gopsill
is a PhD candidate in Human Rights at the University of London, researching transitional justice and legal mechanisms for male victims of conflict-related sexual violence. She is also affiliated with CMI.

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