Plunging into a new civil War? Political crisis in Burundi

04.06.2018 14:30 - English

Valéry Buzungu (Friends of Burundi Norway), Gyda Sindre (UiB/Uni. of Cambridge) and Lise Rakner (UiB/CMI).

In Burundi, a recent referendum approved extending President Nkurunziza’s and the ruling party CNDD-FDD’s – an insurgent group turned ruling party – hold on power until 2034. The President’s run for a third term in 2015 plunged Burundi into a deep political crisis. This crisis threatens to unravel the foundations for reconciliation and democracy laid out in Arusha Peace Accord, to which the CNDD-FDD signed in 2003, with EAC, AU, EU and UN as main garantors.

Government clampdowns and an uptick in political violence are raising fears that the country will return to chronic insecurity, authoritarian rule and potentially civil war. This is prompting more people to join some 400,000 already seeking refuge in neighbouring countries.

We invite you to a lunch seminar to discuss the often-forgotten unfolding crisis in Burundi, the prospects for post-war democratisation following peace agreements and rebel group inclusion into politics.

With us in this discussion we have Valéry Buzungu from Friends of Burundi Norway, Gyda Sindre (UiB/Uni. of Cambridge) and Lise Rakner (UiB/LawTransform). Lisa-Marie Selvik will moderate the conversation.

Photo: U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Wilson

Breakfasts for Democracy (#bffDemocracy)

Democratic institutions and human rights are increasingly under pressure in both the developed and the developing world. In this breakfast seminar series, we will discuss current events in light of our current knowledge of the politics of processes of democratization and autocratization. Through conversations with scholars engaged in ongoing research on the topic, the seminar series will provide new and research-based insights on current events in the ongoing struggle for democracy and human rights.

Breakfast hosts: Svein-Erik Helle and Lisa-Marie Selvik

“Breakfasts for Democracy» is organised through the joint CMI/UiB research project ‘Breaking BAD: Understanding the Backlash Against Democracy in Africa’, in collaboration with Bergen Resource Center and Centre for Law and Social Transformation.

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