“No” – And What Now?

07.10.2016 09:30 - English

The Colombian Peace Agreement and the Peoples Vote. Diego Marín Ríos, UiO and Leiv Marsteintredet, UiO and UiB in conversation with Catalina Vallejo, Los Andes University and Centre on Law & Social Transformation.

The Colombian peace process is a vindication of the UN’s role as a third party in conflict resolution around the world in a time of many ongoing wars. It is the definitive beginning of a new horizon in the relationship between USA and Latin America and the end of the last bastion of the cold war.

The current prosecutor of the ICC,
Fatou Bensouda, supported the peace agreement as an example of no impunity and application of international rules to end armed conflicts. Yet, recently in a very tight vote Colombians said ‘No’ to the peace agreement between the Government and the FARC-EP.

Join us to discuss the main international and national factors marking the relevance of a negotiated end to the armed conflict in Colombia, the reasons of ‘No’ voters to reject it and the new prospects for peace.


Kristin Enstad, Utenriksdepartementet UD / Flickr

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