Migration in Sudan: New Directions in Changing Times

20.10.2021 11:30 - English

Munzoul Assal (University of Khartoum), Adam Babekir (University of Gedaref), Salam Kanhoush (student and activist) and Sarah A Tobin (CMI)

Sudan is both a country of origin and a host country for migrants and refugees with a historically generous policy of welcoming refugees. At the same time, Sudan has seen tremendous changes in refugee policy since the fall of Sudan’s president Omer al-Bashir in April 2019 and the rise of the transitional government. In a few short years, the policy has changed to become more restrictive and difficult for refugees to enter, to transit through, or to stay legally in Sudan.

In this webinar, three of Sudan’s best-known academics and activists will speak on the topic of migration into, through, and out of Sudan. The speakers will address the increasing pressures for Sudan to both take in refugees, such as Ethiopians from Tigray, and prevent onwards migration through national policies such as work permits and business restrictions, EU-driven policies, and other multilateral incentives such as the Khartoum Process.

Ultimately, the recent changes place previously unknown pressures on the refugees and migrants in Sudan, which alters their experiences in Sudan, changing their mobility aspirations and desires for many years to come.


Prof. Munzoul Assal is a Professor of Social Anthropology and Dean of Scientific Research at the Univ. of Khartoum. He has been a long-standing researcher on refugees, migration and border issues in Sudan.

Mr. Adam Babekir an administrative researcher in Center for Refugees, Migration & Development Studies, University of Gedaref. He researches issues dealing with Sudan and Ethiopia borders.

Salam Kanhoush is a student and activist in Kassala. He is a Syrian refugee and has been an active contributing member to both his diaspora and local community. He’s a One Young World Ambassador and change agent at Orange Corners and a TEDx speaker.

Moderated by Sarah A Tobin, Research Professor at the Chr. Michelsen Institute, and a leading researcher on migration and refugees in the Middle East.

You can attend onsite at Bergen Global (Jekteviksbakken 31) or
join us online.

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Adam Babekir

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