Life Under Siege – Targeting Civilians in Aleppo

18.10.2016 09:30 - English

Mads Harlem, Norwegian Red Cross, professor Knut Vikør, UiB, and Åse Gilje Østensen, CMI.

There has been a high and increasing number of attacks on medical facilities, aid workers and other civilian targets in Syria over the past two years.

The air strikes are clearly directed at civilians, medical workers and aid convoys, and they take away the few opportunities of providing basic humanitarian aid and medical help to civilians who are trapped in war zones like the city of Aleppo.

These attacks are a clear violation of international humanitarian law, yet little has been done to stop them by the international community.

How should the international community respond to these violations, and what are the consequences for the people of Syria and the future of international humanitarian law?

Join us for a conversation about the rules of war, and the violations of them happening in Syria, with

Mads Harlem
, Head of Policy and International Law, Norwegian Red Cross, professor

Knut Vikør,
UiB, and

Åse Gilje Østensen
, CMI.


Photo: Map of Aleppo, Syria. Mapbox / Flickr

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