Human Rights and Fair Priorities in Health

20.08.2018 11:00 - English

Norman Daniels (Harvard University, USA) presents his keynote lecture: "Human Rights and Fair Priorities in Health", followed by a roundtable discussion

In his keynote lecture, Norman Daniels will address the following: The right to health aims to secure for all the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, but what when resource scarcity makes it impossible to provide optimal health care for the entire population? How should we prioritise available resources fairly between different health needs? Can the right to health be useful in the pursuit of fair priorities in health, or does maximalist conception of health rights undermine efforts to advance justice in health?

Human Rights and Fair Priorities to Children in Health:

The keynote lecture by Norman Daniels, will be followed by a roundtable on how to set fair priorities to children when allocating resources in health. Should we, when prioritising health resources, use other standards for effectiveness and costs of treatment with regard to the medical needs of children? What does the obligation to ensure the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health mean for disabled children? And when should children have autonomy over decisions regarding their own health – for example regarding gender-affirming treatment, male circumcision or blood-transfusion?

Chair: Alicia Yamin

With Norman Daniels, Roberto Gargarella (Di Tella University, Argentina), Ole Frithjof Norheim (UiB). Kristine Onarheim (Ålesund Hospital) and Jesse Tomalty (UiB)

This event is free and open to the public. For more information: lecture forms part of the Bergen Exchanges on Law and Social Transformation.

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