Health and Migration: a Study of Syrian Refugees Moving from the Middle East to Europe

24.02.2021 12:30 - English

Elisabeth Strømme (UiB) presents the findings of her PhD studies.

Health implications of forced displacement have become an essential part of the public health agenda for the 21st century. Yet, the health of displaced individuals in the transit and the early post-migration stage is poorly examined.

In this presentation, PhD candidate Elisabeth Strømme from University of Bergen (UiB) will discuss the temporal changes in somatic and mental health outcomes and their associa
tion w
ith migration. She will focus on

yrian refugees transferring from a conflict-near transit phase in the Middle East to an early resettlement phase in Northern Europe. She will present findings from her PhD studies and implications for health policies.

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Elisabeth Marie Strømme
is a PhD candidate at the department of Global Public Health and Primary Care at UiB.

Sushil Nash

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Bergen Global
Jekteviksbakken 31, Bergen

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