Gambia Unchained: What’s the Future for Africa’s Newest ”Democracy”?

30.01.2017 09:30 - English

Sait Matty Jaw, Gambian human rights activist, in conversation with Vegard Vibe, PhD, department of Comparative Politics, UiB.

Where is the Gambia headed after the rocky transition? Who is Adama Barrow, the new president? What will happen to the old dictator Yahya Jammeh, whose whereabouts are currently disputed? And why did he lose the presidency?

After having ruled the country for over 22 years Yahya Jammeh surprisingly lost the presidential election on December 1st to the relatively unknown Adama Barrow. Jammeh appeared at first to accept the election outcome, but later decided to annul the results and call for fresh elections to be ”officiated by a god-fearing independent electoral commission”. After intense international pressure by the ECOWAS, the AU and the UN, using diplomacy and military intervention, Jammeh was forced into exile.

Joining us today is
Sait Matty Jaw, Gambian human rights activist, an active member of Gambia’s democracy movement and a master’s student at the department of Public Administration at the University of Bergen. In conversation with
Vegard Vibe (PhD, department of Comparative Politics), he will discuss the current situation in the Gambia and what the future holds for Africa’s newest “democracy”.

This event is organised by
Centre on Law & Social Transformation.

Coffee and croissants will be served!

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