Corona Among The Poor

21.10.2020 09:30 - English

Magnus Hatlebakk (CMI)

How has the corona pandemic and the interventions to control the pandemic affected the poor and those of risk of falling into extreme poverty?

Magnus Hatlebakk will discuss available evidence on the effects of the pandemic on the income opportunities of the poor and their access to food. Focus will be on the extreme poor in rural and urban areas, and the availability of information on their living conditions during the pandemic. How are labor markets, the informal sector, food production and food distribution affected? And what interventions may help the situation? Mobility restrictions, cash transfers, food distribution, agricultural extension services, hand washing, mobile health clinics?

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Magnus Hatlebakk
(CMI) is a researching economist focusing on poverty, social exclusion and rural development.

He has researched living conditions among the rural poor primarily in South-Asia, but also in Sub Saharan Africa, for several decades.

Please note that according to corona virus regulations all participants must keep a distance of at least one metre from each other and maintain good hand hygiene. If you have any respiratory tract symptoms you should stay at home. According to the infection control measures, we need to have an overview of who is present at all times and thus kindly ask all who plans to participate to sign up beforehand

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This seminar is a collaboration with FN-studentene Bergen.

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