Coral Whisperers: Breathing law into life

16.08.2018 17:00 - English

Irus Braverman (University at Buffalo School of Law) will present her work on coral reefs, and the scientists who work with them.

In recent years, a catastrophic global bleaching event devastated many of the world’s precious coral reefs. Working on the front lines of ruin, today’s coral scientists are struggling to save these important coral reef ecosystems from the imminent threats of rapidly warming, acidifying, and polluted oceans. Although many of the scientists interviewed for this project have insisted that their work has little to do with the law, a mere scratching of the surface has revealed law’s prominence in their research—if not formally, then informally through guidelines, procedures, and standards for management and protection.

Braverman’s talk will draw on multiple interviews with administrators and managers to highlight, in particular, how the traditional focus on species by conservation laws such as the U.S. Endangered Species Act disadvantages corals and, relatedly, how ill-equipped such laws are when dealing with the imminent threats to coral life on a global scale.

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Bergen Global
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