Climate Risk and European Citizenship

26.02.2021 11:00 - English

Pawel Karolewski (Leipzig University), Ozana Olariu (University of Granada), Isabelle Michallet (University of Lyon), Lukas Meyer (University of Graz).

The last day’s open plenary session will return to European Citizenship and how it relates to climate risk. After an in-dept look at changing conceptions of citizenship and collective identity in the context of climate change, we will investigate a key set of ways to enhance citizenship in mitigation of climate risk. The session will move on to look at the law of climate change and the role of public or citizen participation, before concluding with recent research on perceptions of fairness in responding to climate changes.

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Overview of Friday’s lectures:

Changing conceptions of citizenship and collective identity in the context of climate change

Pawel Karolewski

is Professor of Political Theory and Democracy Research.

Karolewski’s research focuses on modern political theory. In particular, he is interested in democratic backsliding, identity politics in democratic regimes and nationalism in both democracies and authoritarian regimes.

Shooting for the stars: keys to enhancing citizenship to mitigate climate risks

Ozana Olariu
is a researcher at University of Granada.

The law of climate change and public/citizen participation

Isabelle Michallet
is a researcher at Université de Lyon. Michallet`s research focuses on environmental law, biodiversity climate, governance, citizen participation and renewable energy law.

How Fitness Considerations are Relevant for Effort-Sharing in Responding

Lukas Meyer
is professor for moral and political philosophy at the University of Graz.

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