CANCELLED: What is the Global Burden of Disease?

25.03.2020 09:30 - English

Simon Øverland (UiB)

The Global Burden of Disease dataset is a great tool for understanding health and development all over the world. Using big data and statistics, professor Simon Øverland shows us how to understand the health of the world, which development tools that actually work, and how to use graphs and numbers to present to everyone regardless of background.

Professor Simon Øverland from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health is a specialist in global health and works with the data set the Global Burden of Disease. Highly experienced in big data and statistical analysis, he will show us the state of the world’s health and how to present complex data in simple and understandable ways.

Coffee and croissants will be served. Welcome!

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Bergen Global
Jekteviksbakken 31, Bergen

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