Between Desert and City: Building Churches in the Arabian Peninsula

20.10.2020 12:00 - English

Berit Thorbjørnsrud (UiO)

Church building is a controversial issue in the Arabian Peninsula. Churches should, in principle, be built in such as a way as to be unrecognizable as
churches. Although generally built on land donated by the royal families, all churches are subject to restrictions regarding location and architecture and ordinances against making sounds. But why such a paradoxical policy?

Why subsidize churches and yet submit them to restrictions making them “invisible?” What do such anonymized churches really look like? Differing views among both Christians and Muslims concerning which architectural elements actually transform a building into a church nevertheless allow space for creative use of some Christian symbols.

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Berit Thorbjørnsrud
is professor at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages at the University of Oslo.

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Photo credit: Berit Thorbjørnsrud
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